The Avengers and Justice League Mash-up

The Avengers and Justice League Mini Cakes (L-R: Batman, Iron Man, Superman, The Flash, Spiderman, Green Lantern, Captain America and Wonder Woman)

I just made these Superhero themed pastries last weekend. My client at first wanted them to be Toy Story themed but later changed her mind, I guess she found nice superhero themed souvenirs.

I was happy to do this project, it’s different after all. After every Angry Birds cake I made last year, I’ve grown tired of them (thank God the hype stopped!). Placement of order was made about three weeks prior the pick-up date so I was able to visualize how am I going to execute the characters.

I decided not to make customized fondant characters, since it would be really hard and would really suck. I think superheroes are one of those characters that can’t be done my hand, unless you are a sculptor I guess you can.

Anyway I decided to do it by putting on their logos and character colors then top with off with Letters and Number (made out of sugar cookies) and the color scheme will be the same as the characters as well.

I guess I was satisfied with my work, since I didn’t realize until I uploaded them in my laptop that I took fifty pictures of the mini cakes, sugar cookies and cupcakes.

The initial mini cake order was supposed to be seven but my client asked me to do three more, but she told me Saturday night, and I finished it with a limited time, I told her I have one mini cake in the fridge left, she said one cake would do and she chose Wonder Woman, so if you noticed that character was left without any letter or number sugar cookie topper as well as the designs aren’t included in the cupcakes and sugar cookies.

The cake is Chocolate Butter Cake and I frosted it with Chocolate Buttercream Frosting. The diameter of the cake is 4 inches.

Chocolate Cupcakes with Buttercream Frosting and Royal Icing Toppers

I made about 60 pieces of these cupcakes for the event. It’s a good thing I got the hang of having bulk orders once in a while so I kind of knew how many batches I need to make for these ones.

I made the toppers before hand. I really like Superman and Green Lantern’s logo. But some of my friends told me they like Iron Man.

Superhero theme Sugar Cookies

I also used the icing toppers for the sugar cookies. I was pretty happy that the summer sun came out, unlike the past few weeks, it’s been raining. So the icing get to dry quickly, which is a good thing.

If you see these pictures on Pinterest, don’t worry, I’m the one who’s posting them. 🙂

Oh, I can’t wait for the Avengers movie! 🙂 I wanna watch it! 🙂


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