Mini Cakes and more

Musical theme and Batman Mini Cakes

The mini cakes above was sort of rushed, I got the order less than a week before the pick-up, but I really had fun doing this. This was ordered by the sister of my old client, she told me that they’re gonna give it to a local celebrity here in Manila. They’re going to have a small celebration party and I guess they want something unique. Obviously, the name’s Daniel, it’s Daniel Padilla if you guys are wondering. He’s seen in a drama series every night at ABS-CBN, the series is titled My Princess and I. He celebrated his birthday last April.

Baby theme Fondant Cake

This was ordered two days before the event and together with this cake, my client also ordered cupcakes, and there’s another client that ordered a huge amount of cupcakes that are individually packed.

Vanilla and Chocolate cupcakes covered in Fondant (Baby theme)

I definitely was in daze while doing these stuffs. Haha. Two days felt like one week. But it all paid off. I had fun making them.

Chocolate Cupcakes with Buttercream Frosting and Fondant Toppers

I made these before I left Manila to attend a friends wedding out of town. It was a cute and stress free project I must say. Hahaha. :3 And I’m glad my client liked it. I made this while watching the Chief Justice Corona Trial on TV. Hehe. To achieve the color of fuschia, I kind of mix purple and pink food coloring.

Avengers Mini Cakes (Left to Right: Iron Man, The Hulk, Captain America, Thor, Black Widow and Hawkeye)

I just made these last week, I was excited of making these especially the last time (Avengers and Justice League mash-up) was really fun to do. Since the Avengers movie was just released two months ago, and I guess super heroes are really IN these days.

So yeah, I finally succeeded making Captain America’s shield! Yipee. 🙂 All the cakes are made of Chocolate Buttercake with Buttercream Frosting. 🙂


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