Gingerbread House

Chocolate Sugar Cookie House (De Luxe)

Gingerbread house is very popular in the West, I’ve been fascinated how they made couture Houses made out of cookies. I’ve been planning to sell them since last year. I was super excited to make these. It’s my first time and I’m not sure if I’d be able to build one. But In the end, all hard work was worth it. I think I made a decent Gingerbread House.

My Gingerbread House is made out of Chocolate Sugar Cookies (not everyone here in the Philippines likes Gingerbread). I used gummies, gumballs, chocolate balls, Chocolate Sugar Cookies and candies. The Snowflake and Holly decor are made out of fondant. 🙂

Chocolate Sugar Cookie House (Standard)

I’m selling these so for inquiries kindly add and PM me on my Facebook account. There are two versions: De Luxe and Standard:

De Luxe – Gingerbead house with extra Sugar cookies (Christmas designs) on the side.

Standard – The plain Gingerbread House.

All houses are fully decorated as you can see the photos above.


All houses are wrapped in cellophane and tied with a Red or Green Ribbon. 🙂

Flavors available are: Chocolate, Vanilla and Gingerbread.


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