ImageBarbie themed Sugar Cookies

Happy New Year everyone! How did you guys celebrate your New Year? (I know it’s kind of late) šŸ™‚ It’s almost the end of January, Valentines Day and Chinese New Year is just around the corner. Are you guys excited?

Well, the Barbie Sugar Cookies was one of the first few orders I got this month. I think most of the girls loved Barbie, I myself had a couple of Barbie collections back then. I had a big Barbie doll house plus other Barbies and Ken, then a set of different Barbie scenes (my godparents gave me) like airport terminal, a mobile that you can convert into a room, swimming pool and a lot more. So making these Barbie cookies, brought me back to those good old days. šŸ™‚

ImageFootball Jersey Sugar Cookies

Football! Everyone is crazy with Football these days, seriously. Haha. I’m not much of a sports fan but hey, it always fun to make new sugar cookie designs.

My client wanted it in these colors and design, I asked her a photo that she wanted me to do. I kind of altered it a bit since I can’t really make a nice logo with a tiny space. The “Misagh” and “9” are my client’s special request to put it in the football jersey. I think it’s her son’s name? She told me the cookies are “Cute”. Hehe.

ImageImageLetter Sugar Cookies

I like making these type of sugar cookies, two new clients asked me to make these for them, I think it’s cute to give this to your loved ones on any occasion. It’s simple but attractive right? I like keeping my things simple, since it stand out on it’s own. Just like these cookies.

For inquiries on how to order, kindly visit my Facebook add me up and send me a private message, and I’ll get back to you as soon as possible. This is for Metro Manila clients or for those who are willing to travel in the city to get their orders.


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