Naan Bread with Curry Dip

DSC_3518Naan Bread with Curry Dip

I’ve been telling myself to bake breads for a few months now, and my dad told me to test their flour and see if it’s good. (His friend imports bread flour from Turkey and my dad sells them to bakeries) Finally, I was able to have to get a little bit of time off from baking pastries and finally make a simple bread.

I’ve been craving for some Naan bread so I decided to search some recipes on the web, (since my ever trusty Bread book doesn’t have any recipes of Naan, but it is still one of the best Bread books ever.)  crossed food network and decided to try the recipe the next day.

Due to excitement, I was able to wake up early and start mixing and proofing the dough. Fold it down, (do not punch the dough, just fold it over) then divide the dough in 15 pieces and let it rest. I actually kneaded in some minced garlic before dividing the dough in pieces (I love Garlic) to give it an extra flavor, you can also add curry, onions, whatever you prefer.

Instead of using the oven, I grilled them, you can use either the oven (to bake) or grill it. It only takes a few minutes on each side to cook the bread. So it’s pretty easy.

Since I didn’t add any flavor in my Naan bread except garlic, (without the dip,the bread is already tasty, but I want some dip to pair it with) I made my own Curry Dip by mixing plain yogurt, a dollop of mayonnaise, curry powder (according to taste), salt and pepper.

You can find the recipe of the Naan bread here

I’m back in testing new recipes again! So stay tuned for more blog posts in the coming days. I’ll also include posts with my recent projects.

Oh yeah, have a nice February everyone!


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