Filipino-Chinese Bakery Fair 2013

Hello! I was glad to be able to attend the Bakery Fair this year with my friends and I really had fun! I was able to purchase a baking tool which I needed for my cupcake project last Saturday.

I was able to roam around the booths early and was able to get some decent photos, (thank you, Jamie! :D) which are mostly cakes that are displayed at the center of the expo. To be honest there were only a couple of cakes that really stood out, I have my own personal favorites of course, and here they are:


What I really like about this entry were the masks on the cake. The cakes (well perhaps dummies) are in topsy turvy form and their theme was the Maskara Festival (a famous festival in Bacolod) They might have used Pastillage for the masks (if they used it, that would be really impressive), the details used on the masks were non-pareils, dragees, royal icing, and most probably luster dusts as well. The other details were also subtle making the masks stand-out. This cake was presented by Mix Plant Inc. Visit their site here


I admit this entry was quite simple but the details on the 2nd and 3rd layer of the cake is really pretty. Hand-woven baskets/bag themed cake by Penk Ching. Everyone knows Ms. Penk Ching is one of best pastry chefs (and makes intricate couture cakes) in the country. I was really happy to see one of her works in person (thank you, Gourdo’s!). I really find the tarsier on the first layer cute. 🙂 This cake entry was presented by Gourdo’s. Visit their site hereMs. Penk Ching’s website here.

DSC_3662Hands-on cake making! Really impressive!

There’s also a foreign pastry chef (from Thailand) together with his team came and decorate their cakes in front of the guests. It was pretty amazing, I must say. If i’m not mistaken, they used either regular whipped cream or stabilized whipped cream for their cakes.

DSC_3773Finish product!

They probably made about 10 cakes in two days just by sitting for about a couple of hours. Cool right? 😀 I think the photo above was the best thing they made. The snake was such a cutie.

On stage there’s a Taiwanese chef who’s doing an actual demo on making taiwanese buns, moon cake, nougat, etc. (Jamie and I were able to taste the Nougat! It was yummy. :D) It was pretty disappointing though, since I think he’s having a hard time explaining his demo in English (people didn’t pay attention to him since he’s also having a hard time explaining what he’s doing in English) , I just wish there will be some interpreter who’d help him (that way Filipinos who went on the fair would stay and listen to the demo).

DSC_3629Baumkuchen by Sweet Baum Cafe

While my friends and I were roaming around, we were able to see this stall. They’re selling Baumkuchen! I was so thrilled since this pastry is similar to Lapis Legit (from Indonesia) although they bake this in rings not in squares (like Lapis Legit). They give out samples so we were able to try them, it was good, and not too sweet.

Baumkuchen is a traditional German layered cake popular throughout Europe and a popular snack in Japan. If you look at it closely the cake looks somewhat similar to a tree log, the reason behind this because the cake batter was baked layer by layer in a special Baumkuchen rotisserie oven. (Well if you didn’t have that kind of machine like me, you can just bake it in a square pan and bake it layer by layer, it wouldn’t look like tree logs but hey! It’s still in layers.)

DSC_3675Baumkuchens and Cheesecakes

They sell Big Baum at Php 300.00 each and Small Baum at Php 65.00 each in five different flavors (Original, Creamy Cream Cheese, Chocolate, Green Tea and Strawberry). They also sell cheesecakes in three different flavors (Original, Chocolate and Green Tea).

DSC_3704Thanks for the free Pen! 🙂

If you want to visit their site click here. They are located at Paseo Center, Makati City and Eastwood City, Libis, Quezon, City.

For more Bakery Fair updates visit Jamie’s blog Have at You! 🙂


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