Ombre Cake

DSC_3938Purple Ombre Cake

From hair, fashion to desserts. Ombre has been one of the most sought after trends today. I’ve seen some of my favorite blogs do their own Ombre cake so I decided to make one as well!

The cake batter is made from scratch, if you’re not a baking enthusiast, you can use cake batter mix (Vanilla flavored). For the colors, I did the lightest shade first then continuously add food gel coloring to make the shade of the batter darker.

This is a Mini Ombre cake by the way, I think it looks totally pretty when you see the shades of the cake rather than covering them up with frosting.
It looks so sophisticated and elegant.

For the frosting, I used my regular buttercream frosting, I didn’t put any color on the frosting since I really wanted to focus on the ombre colors of the cake.

DSC_3934Side view

I piped the frosting using my star tip (831) and added some fondant flowers on top. This cake is about 4″ in diameter and 4″-5″ in height.

What about you? What’s your favorite shade?


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