Dear Globe Telecom, you suck.

I’ve been a Globe subscriber for 14 years now, but today (well, since yesterday) I’m really pissed with their service.

My brother and I decided to apply Globe Tattoo’s WiMax Plan 1099 with 1mbps speed. My brother requested if they can be installed as soon as possible, because he also needs to use the internet for work.

The agent told my brother last Friday that they will be able to grant the immediate installation and they’ve set a schedule yesterday, 27th of April, 2013. I told my brother to set the time around 1-3 pm because I have a meet-up and errands in the morning. It was agreed upon and set.

We were so happy that time, it was really a fast service. Saturday came and we begin to wait. It was 2 pm when I first called Globe and ask what’s the status of the installation crew and
where they are. They told me to wait, so I waited for an hour, I called again, then they told me to wait. Fine, and another hour and another.

For six freaking hours, someone called and told us that their van overheated and they are already sending some help already. They told us after an hour, they called again and told me that they won’t be able to make it.

My brother who was out that day told me that the agent told him that they were going to install it today. So my brother told me that he set up the time around (8 am – 10 am). He was so lenient yesterday when I was furious.

So we woke up early today, and we didn’t even go out just for this. So we called up the agent to check the status and they told me that the installation team is on the way. Well, guess what since 8 am this morning, we didn’t see any globe staff here. My brother started to call since 12 noon. Up until now. The agents were even proud to say that the internet will be installed today. — bitch please

When we ask for the feedback, they couldn’t give us anything. And kept on saying I’m sorry and the installation crew works from 8 am to 8 pm. Guess what? It’s almost 8 pm. Assholes.

No updates were given since this morning. They couldn’t even get it touch with the support team or the installation team. No numbers were given to us to call the support shits.

What a freaking service. And even the supervisors don’t know what to answer as well. Is this what you call service?! If that’s the case I think I should switch to Smart. I heard their service is better than Globe.

I apologize for the rant. I’m just pissed off.


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