Before Summer ends..

DSC_4160Beach themed 2-tier Fondant Cake

Before summer ended last May, a client of mine ordered a two-tier fondant cake that has a beach concept. I was wondering during our conversation that time why would they pick a beach theme since it’s the end of summer when I’m going to deliver them, but I guess ironically the name of the birthday girl was ‘Summer’ hence the beach theme cake.

Anyway, concept wise, they’ve sent me a couple of photos to give me ideas the designs that they wanted, etc. The color scheme was made by me, since they want it more vibrant and summer-y.

The shells, beach balls etc. were all made of fondant while the sunglasses and flip flops were made out of sugar cookies. DSC_4161Individual Packed Chocolate Cupcakes (Beach theme)

They’ve also ordered cupcakes for giveaways, with of course beach themed. So I made some tiny flip flops, shells, star fishes and added some sprinkles on some of the decorations.

I’ve decided to stick on the chartreuse and yellow concept of the cake (for the cupcakes) while the decorations were also in purple, pink, blue and yellow.

It was a little challenging for me to create something look so beach inspired yet playful and fit for a one year old. And also color schemes that matches the bright summer-y colors. I’ve given them sample colors that can be matched and they chose this. By the way, the color scheme was also my first pick while I was sketching them.

It’s August, that means, ber months are nearby. Mooncake festival is happening soon as well! Oh I’m so excited!


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