Under the Sea..

DSC_4241Under the Sea themed Sugar Cookies (Octopus)

It’s a rainy afternoon here in Manila! There’s a typhoon coming here I think. Anyway, here are some sugar cookie works that I’ve made last June.

Right now, I think I have over 300+ cookie cutters, most of them are from Wilton. So yeah, from Valentines, Summer, Halloween, Christmas, Animals, etc. I have them all. I also have some character cutters, lol. My bestfriend said that I’m too addicted in collecting them, and she said I have too much already. Haha.

So a client ordered 140 pcs. of assorted sea creatures, at first it was 35 pcs. then turned 70 pcs. then 140 pcs. It was a very tedious work especially with decorating them and making them cute as well. My personal favorite is the Octopus, (not because it’s iced with my favorite color) it’s too cute to eat!

DSC_4245Whales, Shells and a Turtle!

The whale cookies is too adorable! It only has a simple design but it’s really to adorable to eat!

DSC_4243Crab and Seahorse

The Crab reminds me of Mr. Krabs from Spongebob. But I really had fun adding details on the Seahorse! Adding details is easy once you get the hang of it, and when I was working with these project, the details were just simple dots and lines. But never think you would finish these in a matter of an hour. You still have to let the base icing of your cookie dry before adding details on top of it.


Since it was raining during the time I was making them, the royal icing takes at least an hour to dry with the help of my electric fans. Lol. It was still firm to touch, but I can add the details as long as the icing surface of your cookies are already dry.

DSC_4250Shark and Aquarium inspired cookies

I just realized that I wasn’t able to take photo of the final product of the aquarium themed cookies, I added some dots on the brown surface to make it look like there are colored stones on the sand.

Another thing I discovered while I was baking and selling sugar cookies is that when they are dried using electric fans, they give this certain shine and smoothness on icing surface. Since I’ve discovered that trick, Electric fans have been my best buddy! Hehe.


Chartreuse (as my brother would call it) and yellow. I just love how they match up well and gives this turtle cookies a vibrant and happy feel. :3

DSC_4249Letter C and the Dolphins

I remember I had a dolphin plushie before (and now I don’t know where it is) while icing those dolphins I kept on thinking about my lost plushie. Hmm.. where is it anyway?

DSC_4248Lucky number 7

Doing this alone is really tiring and exhausting, I remember my hands are already red and I’m not yet halfway done with my orders. There’s also a time where my hands are shaking from tiredness but I kept doing them just to finish them on time. I love what I’m doing that’s what keeps me going, I guess no one would understand a pastry girl or a baker unless you’re one of them as well. Everyone thinks it’s easy to bake, decorate, etc. Haha. That’s funny, just because you baked one cookie, a cupcake or a cake, you’re considered professional. I don’t think so. 🙂

Anyway, I’m going to be busy with orders this week! Excited to do them and show them as well! ‘Til next time then.


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