Shane Filan: Everything To Me Promo Tour

DSC_4466VIP tickets, Everything To Me CD’s and Posters

Hello! It’s October and this was kind of a late post due to my busy schedule once I got back here in my home country. (Seriously, I got orders 27th until today. And I’m really thankful for it! ^_^)

Most of my close friends knew back in High School that I’m a big fan of Westlife (my two best friends are fans too!). I was able to watch their last concert here in Manila last September of 2011, but after a month they decided to split. My friends and I were sad since we’ve been a fans since 1st year in high school. (I remember even my dad, aunt, godmother and siblings listened to Westlife because of my infuence, hehe.) There were lots of boy bands back then but I guess they stood out the most for me, the reason I guess all of them can sing in tune. (you can’t see that a lot in boybands back then and nowadays)

During that GravityΒ  tour concert, I was really impressed with Shane’s vocals. With all that dancing, he still managed to be in tune and he sang naturally, his voice was the same in both live and in records. I was a fan of his voice way way back but I became more of his fan after hearing him live. Not only he has the looks but he also has the voice! No wonder after their split, a lot of record companies want him to sign on their label.

Fast-forward 2013! We knew Shane Filan was in the recording studio working on his first solo album and I’ve seen and heard his song in You Tube. But what we didn’t expect is that he’ll be coming back here in Manila to promote his EP (extended play).

It was a few days after I arrived here in Manila when I learned about it. I immediately informed my friends and asked them if we’re gonna watch or not. My best friend (the Pinay one) was saddened since she can’t attend the concert due to personal commitments out of town. Then one friend of ours is out of the country working.

So that leaves me and Jamie. Lol. We were debating whether to get a VVIP ticket or VIP. Sadly, the VVIP tickets were sold out on the first day the tickets were released (that was during the 18th of September). They’ve only released 100 tickets of VVIP where fans would have a meet and greet party with Shane Filan and also a group photo with him.

As for the VIP and Gold, we have an opportunity to get our CD’s signed by Shane himself and see him up close and personal. (VVIP ticket holders also have this, and they’re so lucky!!)

It was very convenient for me to pre-order the tickets since I also need to go to the mall that day and buy my baking ingredients for the week ahead, and the mall is just one tricycle away from my house so I just went there and bought it, I was so giddy after. :p

The tickets that we bought was last Saturdays, 28th of September the concert was held in SM Skydome.

I guess there’s a first in everything. Since it’s the first time for me to attend this kind of mini concert and also my first time to see up close and personal a celebrity. And what’s more memorable is to stand up for 3 1/2 hours before getting in the venue. (My feet hurts but bearable, haha.)

DSC_4517The concert started around 6 pm. Tina Ryan from Magic 89.9. Like my friend said, she’s one funny lady. I enjoyed watching her on stage. She’s really kalog. πŸ™‚

Sabrina (a local singer) was Shane’s front act. She did some covers (Titanium, Girl on Fire) and some original songs.

Everyone was sitting on their seats during the performance, but once Shane went on stage everyone went up. Thank goodness I was in front and was able to capture some videos and photos during the concert. (My hands were really raised up to the extent haha. So I apologize if some photos were kind of blurry.)


DSC_4494Shane Filan sang five songs during the duration of his promo:

  1. Everytime
  2. Once
  3. What About Now
  4. About You (his latest single)
  5. Everything To Me

Shane wrote (and co-wrote) most (if not all) of the songs in his album, he stated during his one of his interviews that the songs are written based on his experiences from the past year. I can relate to some of the lyrics (especially “Once”)and currently, I find myself singing or humming the tunes.

I remember during the concert, after he sang “About You” he was surprised that everyone knows the lyrics since it was just released a few days or a week before the event.

He also promised that he would come back next year for his solo concert. (He’s starting his in the UK, hopefully he’ll come back)


Took that photo when he was singing near where I was standing. Sorry for the hand, hehe. I was really stretching my arms that time and I guess she’s stretching hers as well. πŸ˜‰

When the concert ended, after a few minutes resting backstage, he came out for the CD signing event. Where we stood up in line and wait for our turn for our CD jackets to be signed.

DSC_4546My signed CD

When it was my turn, I really didn’t have anything to say. So I just waited and when he returned my album jacket back, I just smiled and said, “Thank you!” and he smiled back and said, “Thank you very much.”

I think he’s the first celebrity I’ve met that’s really down to earth and would smile at everyone. My friend and I were talking about it when we left the venue and looked for something to it. It was indeed a memorable night for us. While we’re eating our dinner we still couldn’t believe we would be able to see him that close.

Because in concerts, even when we were ten seats away from the stage, we didn’t see them really close. It’s a once in a lifetime experience!

Oh, we also got to meet a new friend in the event! How awesome is that? We bonded because we’ve been fans of Westlife ever since. So we promised each other, once Shane Filan or Nicky Byrne, Mark FeehilyΒ  and Kian Egan will have a promo tour or concert here in Manila, We’ll keep updating each other and buy the VVIP or whatever they call the front seats are. Hehe. It was nice meeting you, and you know who you are. πŸ™‚

Oh and before I forget. I would like to thank the viewers who made my blog soar up high in views these past few days! πŸ™‚ Thank you very much! πŸ™‚

And everyone, please do grab a copy of Shane Filan’s Everyting to Me EP. You can buy them in any music stores nationwide. You won’t regret it!

Tracks included in the EP:

  1. Everything to Me
  2. Everytime
  3. Once
  4. Today’s not Yesterday

P.S. This is not a sponsored post. πŸ™‚


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