Tutus for a Ballerina

DSC_4460Chocolate Cupcake with Tutu Fondant decor

Rainy evening everyone!

It’s been raining cats and dogs since this afternoon. (There’s a typhoon here in the Philippines)

To tell you the truth, after my Indonesia trip (well, while I was still there I’ve been receiving a lot of PM’s inquiring about my products and such). I’ve booked a couple of orders while I was still in Indonesia and some already paid in advance while I was still staying in Singapore. (I require my clients to pay their orders in full one (1) week before meet-up or pick-up. This is to avoid bogus buyers.)

One client ordered two boxes of Chocolate Cupcakes topped with fondant with the designs of Tutus and Ballet Flats.

DSC_4462Chocolate Cupcake with Ballerina Flats

I’ve decided to use my recently purchased (Thanks Cat!) fondant tools. Haha! And they’re really convenient! Since some of my tools are almost broken, and investing on a new one is so worth it!

Aside from these adorable cupcakes, my client also ordered Peanut Butter Chocolate Chip Cupcakes topped with Peanut Butter Frosting. I think after my Chocolate Banana Cupcakes this is by far one of the best flavors I’ve made. It’s not too sweet, I tweaked my original recipe, and made it less sweet but the peanut butter-y goodness is still there (plus the fact that the chocolate chips inside the cupcake makes it more sweeter). Same with the frosting, less sugar but more peanut butter taste. Topped with a Chocolate sprinkle, it’s heaven if you ask me!

DSC_4451Peanut Butter Chocolate Chip Cupcakes with Peanut Butter Frosting

She also ordered Cream Puffs. What I usually do for their toppings is a caramelize my white sugar and dip the puffs and let the caramel set. It’s a perfect combination – the puffy, pate a choux, creamy, creme patissiere, and the crunchy caramel.

DSC_4464Cream Puffs

While making these I only have three days to finish everything. But I managed to finish all pending orders (aside from these I also have orders every after two days and I was happy to finish these orders on time. Talk about multi-tasking!

Will be posting more pastries soon. And also some old ones that I forgot to blog before I left for Indonesia!

For inquiries kindly add me on my Facebook account. Thanks!


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