It’s a Boy!

DSC_4668Chocolate Cupcakes with Fondant

A client wanted me to make these adorable baby themed cupcakes for her friend that is due to give birth anytime soon. According to her its her present to her.

If I’m not mistaken I’ve made something quite similar to this and posted it here.

DSC_4670It’s a Boy!

She wanted me to add ‘It’s a Boy’ on the cupcakes, I was having difficulty what to do with it. But in the end I decided to put it on the baby’s bonnet. (I forgot the term.. :\)

DSC_4666Traditional Cheesecake (Blueberry)

Aside from the adorable cupcakes, another client ordered a cheesecake from me.

I noticed most cheesecake orders from me are mostly blueberry. (I love blueberries!) Not that I’m complaining but it’s always constant. There may have been mini cheesecake cuppies orders of strawberry or cherry but that’s only once or twice. It’s still mostly blueberries. I just wish we have fresh blueberries grown here in the Philippines (makes it cheaper), life would be much easier and I would gladly put fresh blueberries on top!


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