Photo stealing.. again.

untitled-01Cakes n Cups 

Someone messaged me on my Facebook that someone stole my photos and using them to sell Mini Cakes. She told me to go and check out the Facebook account shown above. As I’ve checked, apparently she took 4 photos. It’s either she grabbed the photos here on my blog or in my Pinterest account.

02Avengers, Batman and Music themed Mini Cakes

I print screened everything before she starts to block me, as of this moment I can still access her account. Anyway, the person who informed me told me that someone was mad because she ordered cakes and cupcakes from the said seller, apparently the ‘seller’ gave her a lousy (according to the informer it was ugly and dirty) fondant cake (and the fondant was as hard as a rock) and instead of cupcakes, she supplied them with lemon squares with topper?

06As you can see, she literally had the low resolution photos.

Here’s the link of my blog post:

05Lol, funny thing is the Batman and Music Mini Cakes were ordered by Daniel Padilla’s fans last 2012.


Funny thing is, most of her photos in that Facebook account were stolen. I’ve checked some and some of the photos I’ve already encountered while looking for ideas.

To the person who stole my photos: Good Luck.

Make sure that when you create the order of your clients, to exceed expectations. If not, your cover is blown.

That’s why I prefer on posting my own work rather than posting others. Because what’s the point on having a shop? Or to bake?

And quality wise. We don’t have the same recipe. Duh.

Next time I’m going to post any of my works, I’m definitely going to put watermarks on.

For those of you who wants to check the Facebook account here’s the link:


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