Macaron Adventures

DSC_4810-01Vanilla Bean Macarons with Vanilla Bean Buttercream Frosting

Last February, an old friend of mine (back in College) ordered some macarons, I was so excited about this project and I tried the new oven my sister and I bought (a smaller one, with fan, which is awesome because it was on sale during that time).

I was so glad that my Macarons had feet, it rose up evenly, thanks to the new oven.

DSC_4813-01DSC_4815-01While baking these Macarons, I’ll always look in the oven to check if their feet has risen. It is technically the reason why there’s a lot of trial and errors when baking these french pastry.DSC_4808-01Strawberry French Macarons

I had a hard time doing the strawberry one. I think due to the humid weather while I was making them that makes it so sticky and it doesn’t dry up. But in the end I was able to make them, the fifth time I tried. Lol.

The Vanilla Bean Macarons, I added real Vanilla beans both in the Macaron and buttercream. While the strawberry ones were plain Macaron tinted with pink food coloring while the buttercream was mixed with Strawberry Jam. (I couldn’t find strawberries in the supermarket nearby so I have to find an alternative)

The fillings, I added a little bit of salt to make the buttercream not too sweet, I have some spare Macarons left and tried it and I think it worked.

I think I need more practice. Hopefully, I’ll get more orders in the coming months.


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