DSC_4951Customized Sugar Cookies

I’ve been making and decorating Sugar Cookies for years now, it is a tedious job, but I absolutely love the end results. I’m fond of it because of it’s vibrant colors and it’s like art in cookie form. Nowadays, a lot of cookie cutter designs out there, I want to collect them all.

DSC_4949Elmo Sugar Cookies

DSC_4948Cookie Monster Sugar Cookies

I currently have more or less 300+ cookie cutters that ranges from cartoon characters, Christmas, letters, animals, Halloween, etc.

DSC_4829-01DSC_4831DSC_4825Customized Sugar Cookies

It may look easy but usually it takes 2 – 3 hours ore more to finish especially when the designs are quite detailed. When I got a hundred or so orders I usually make them by batches (around 50 per day).

Drying period of these cookies depends on the weather. I usually leave it a day to dry, but during rainy season, it takes a day and a half or two. That’s why I usually advise my customers to order 2 weeks prior the event, so that I can prepare and estimate when I will frost the cookies and the time needed for them to dry.

Shelf life of these cookies are at least a month. That’s what I usually advise my clients.

If you guys are interested to see my other designs, check out my entire blog. As well as add me on Facebook.


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