Hello Kitty!

DSC_47542-tier Hello Kitty Fondant Cake

Happy New Year! 🙂

It seems the Hello Kitty craze is coming back again. I’ve seen tons of new Hello Kitty items in toy stores recently. And just last week, I finished an order with Hello Kitty as it’s theme.

I’ve been a fan of Sanrio characters ever since. Back when I was a kid, I’ve been a fan of Hello Kitty, then later, Kerokeroppi. During my teen years, I found Pochacco cute and then when I was in the States, I’ve became a huge fan of Cinnamoroll.

People might think, making a Fondant figurine of Hello Kitty is easy, well, you’re wrong. You have to have the correct accuracy where to put her eyes and nose and the whiskers! Otherwise, you’d end up making the fake looking Hello Kitty you always see on a cheap store.

DSC_4765Chocolate Peppermint Cupcakes with Pepperming Frosting

You also need to consider the right shape of the head, the body, etc. There are some tutorials over the net that you can check to make them, but you also really have to be observant when it comes to details.

DSC_4766Hello Kitty toppers placed on top of the cupcakes

For the cupcakes, the client wanted the frosting to be in pink and purple color. Unlike the usual red or green color I put on my peppermint frosting. She also wanted the swirling effect as you can see on the photo above.

The Hello Kitty on the cupcakes are made out of fondant as well, I have a mini Hello Kitty cutter to cut it and did the details bit by bit. It’s convenient to have cutters really, that’s why I’ve collecting them bit by bit. I have over 300+ cookie cutters, but fondant cutters? I only have a few, so I try to buy little by little. Or unless the decor is necessary, I would buy them immediately.

The cake was all edible by the way, the client wanted it all edible. The cake is made out of Chocolate Butter Cake frosted with Italian Buttercream Frosting.


Before 2013 ends..

This year has been a definitely a roller coaster ride for me. A lot of things happened but I’m still really thankful.

For those people who stood by me, despite what have happened, thank you!

I thank everyone who took time to read my posts. 🙂

Thank you for my clients, old and new. Will do my best in 2014 again!

Thank you for those people who looked down on us. May you have a wonderful year ahead of you.

Thank you who stood by my family in times of trouble.

Again, thank you 2013, for all the good and bad things! I’ve learned a lot, and am prepared to face 2014 with a smile!

Have a blessed New Year everyone! 🙂


DSC_4743Princess themed Fondant Cake (Chocolate Butter Cake with Buttercream Frosting)


Merry Christmas everyone!

This will be just a quick update. This month was hectic for me, doing orders for clients, well mostly for birthdays actually. Which is good, and of course hanging out with friends and families that I haven’t seen for years.

I think this Christmas for me, although it felt like summer since the weather is so hot, (If I could just hang out at the mall the whole day, I would) is definitely the best after all these years.

The photo above was ordered last week. It was a last minute decision to use flowers and butterflies since my first plan didn’t work out so well. But my sister said the finished product look princess-y.

DSC_4739Chocolate Cupcakes with Fondant (Princess theme)

The cake was paired up with these Belle-like dresses. I’ve been stressed out with these ones since it kept raining and the fondant softens causing the sweetheart neckline topper to droop down, during my last minute touch-up, I’ve decided to insert some toothpicks to make them stable.

DSC_4745Chocolate Cupcakes with Buttercream Frosting

An old friend of mine got in touch with me on Facebook and ask if I still accept orders for 80 pieces of cupcakes with Christmas toppers for last Saturday, I agreed and here’s the final product. Instead of using the see thru individual packed cupcake holders that I used to buy, I decided to go with this one since, it’s much more faster to fold them, I haven’t got much time because there’s only days to go to finish everything including the princess themed orders. Since it’s been so hot lately that I’ve decided to use Italian Buttercream Frosting for this one. It would hold it’s shape better than my regular buttercream.

DSC_4751DSC_4747The photos above where some of the Christmas toppers I’ve used for the order.

I’m really thankful for the blessings I’ve got this year. And all the trials that I think I’ve surpassed and learned from. 🙂 I’ll try to post again before the end of 2013, I hope I still have the time. Haha, if not, Happy New Year everyone. 🙂



It’s a Boy!

DSC_4668Chocolate Cupcakes with Fondant

A client wanted me to make these adorable baby themed cupcakes for her friend that is due to give birth anytime soon. According to her its her present to her.

If I’m not mistaken I’ve made something quite similar to this and posted it here.

DSC_4670It’s a Boy!

She wanted me to add ‘It’s a Boy’ on the cupcakes, I was having difficulty what to do with it. But in the end I decided to put it on the baby’s bonnet. (I forgot the term.. :\)

DSC_4666Traditional Cheesecake (Blueberry)

Aside from the adorable cupcakes, another client ordered a cheesecake from me.

I noticed most cheesecake orders from me are mostly blueberry. (I love blueberries!) Not that I’m complaining but it’s always constant. There may have been mini cheesecake cuppies orders of strawberry or cherry but that’s only once or twice. It’s still mostly blueberries. I just wish we have fresh blueberries grown here in the Philippines (makes it cheaper), life would be much easier and I would gladly put fresh blueberries on top!

Tommy Pickles – A Rugrats theme Cake

DSC_4654Rugrats theme Fondant Cake

Hello November!

I was pretty busy the past few weeks. I was in a roll making orders here and there. Old clients coming back to order and such.

Here’s my latest work, a Rugrats theme birthday cake!

I was familiar with the cartoon series since my brother and sisters usually watched this show in Nickelodeon. But I was a never fan of it.

The client particularly wanted Tommy Pickles, and I have to ask my sister if the said character was the baby one and the youngest one. I was right lol. The cake is made of Chocolate Butter Cake and frosted with Italian Buttercream Frosting.

I get to make some Red Velvet Cupcakes for another client packed individually as well. Mind you, those boxes are also folded by me.

DSC_4658Red Velvet Cupcakes with Cream Cheese Frosting

These boxes are frustrating to do. But heck, it’s pretty on display, that’s why I always use this individual boxes.

Japanese Cheesecake was also made during the week, a close friend of mine ordered it for his own consumption? Haha. I really don’t know.

DSC_4647Japanese Cheesecake

Aside from these orders, I get to have a burn on my left hand, and a small cut (I really don’t know where I got it from, I just noticed it after I finished cleaning up everything) from my right thumb. Clumsy? But yeah, that’s the life of real bakers. So I wouldn’t really allow someone belittle us no matter what.

French Macarons

DSC_4586Peanut Butter Macarons

Macarons – probably made, most if not all Pastry chefs frustrated when making it. It takes luck, precision, and gut feel to perfect it.

For years, I’ve been trying to avoid this certain pastry because most of the time, I failed in making them. Thanks to my best friend whom encouraged me to make them again and seeing it how to make it in person (while I was staying in Indonesia). Made me try my luck in making these again.

Yesterday, I bbm-ed her telling her I’m gonna start trying making them. She cheered for me and gave me necessary tips in making them. With lots of luck and inspiration, I managed to stop my bad luck in making this pastry. Although I forgot to use parchment paper and used wax paper instead so I have to repeat the process all over again today.

DSC_4593Peppermint Macarons

With having the knowledge of the right ‘macaronage’ texture. I managed to continue making them today without any hindrances. Although some looked like wacky, due to the oven temperature. I guess I have to purchase a large tray and bake them one by one instead of having two trays inside the oven to make ‘the feet’ rise evenly. (You see the one I did yesterday has even feet, unlike today, it looked kind of wacky, I baked my macarons yesterday one tray at a time, so my conclusion is to buy a bigger tray to accomodate more macarons in one go. :D)

DSC_4600So I made two flavors today. Peppermint and Peanut Butter!

My best friend Jac requested for the Peppermint flavor (as usual) while I knew Jamie liked my Peanut Butter Chocolate Chip Cupcakes so I made Peanut Butter for her. All is packed and ready for tomorrow’s three-day sleepover! Yay!

Aside from Macarons, which I just released for my online shop tonight. I also made some orders from clients, such as fudgy brownies, Monster High Sugar Cookies, Cream Puffs and Red Velvet Cupcakes topped with Cream Cheese Frosting.

Here are the photos:


Cream PuffsDSC_4572Fudgy Brownies DSC_4578

Monster High Sugar Cookies DSC_4573

Red Velvet Cupcakes with Cream Cheese Frosting

Come to think of it. Maybe I should make a Red Velvet Macaron. Not a bad idea. 🙂

Tutus for a Ballerina

DSC_4460Chocolate Cupcake with Tutu Fondant decor

Rainy evening everyone!

It’s been raining cats and dogs since this afternoon. (There’s a typhoon here in the Philippines)

To tell you the truth, after my Indonesia trip (well, while I was still there I’ve been receiving a lot of PM’s inquiring about my products and such). I’ve booked a couple of orders while I was still in Indonesia and some already paid in advance while I was still staying in Singapore. (I require my clients to pay their orders in full one (1) week before meet-up or pick-up. This is to avoid bogus buyers.)

One client ordered two boxes of Chocolate Cupcakes topped with fondant with the designs of Tutus and Ballet Flats.

DSC_4462Chocolate Cupcake with Ballerina Flats

I’ve decided to use my recently purchased (Thanks Cat!) fondant tools. Haha! And they’re really convenient! Since some of my tools are almost broken, and investing on a new one is so worth it!

Aside from these adorable cupcakes, my client also ordered Peanut Butter Chocolate Chip Cupcakes topped with Peanut Butter Frosting. I think after my Chocolate Banana Cupcakes this is by far one of the best flavors I’ve made. It’s not too sweet, I tweaked my original recipe, and made it less sweet but the peanut butter-y goodness is still there (plus the fact that the chocolate chips inside the cupcake makes it more sweeter). Same with the frosting, less sugar but more peanut butter taste. Topped with a Chocolate sprinkle, it’s heaven if you ask me!

DSC_4451Peanut Butter Chocolate Chip Cupcakes with Peanut Butter Frosting

She also ordered Cream Puffs. What I usually do for their toppings is a caramelize my white sugar and dip the puffs and let the caramel set. It’s a perfect combination – the puffy, pate a choux, creamy, creme patissiere, and the crunchy caramel.

DSC_4464Cream Puffs

While making these I only have three days to finish everything. But I managed to finish all pending orders (aside from these I also have orders every after two days and I was happy to finish these orders on time. Talk about multi-tasking!

Will be posting more pastries soon. And also some old ones that I forgot to blog before I left for Indonesia!

For inquiries kindly add me on my Facebook account. Thanks!